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Rosette Diceless
Rosette Diceless

Exploit Zero Day
"The Majesty of Colors"

Exploit Zero Day
Exploit: Zero Day

Ossuary - Welcome, Newcomer, to the place of bones

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  • Rosette Diceless Companion Arrives Sept 24

    Rosette Diceless Companion Arrives Sept 24

    On September 24, 2021, our companion volume to Rosette Diceless will be available for purchase in print, PDF, and epub formats. Rosette Diceless is our collaborative and consent-based storytelling system, and based on our years of running Rosette Diceless, we've compiled new optional rules, advice for Narrators and players in general, and new character options into a single volume for easy reference.

    If you've played Rosette Diceless before: Does the pacing of Conflict feel tricky to you? Do you find that Focus isn't useful in your campaign? Would you like options for gaining resources and abilities as a group of characters? These topics and more are explored in the Companion's new material.

    If you're a new player of the system, the options in this book will help you build a more flexible, customized campaign from the start.

  • Mac Support Ending in 2022

    We've always valued releasing our games on as many platforms as we find feasible. In the past, that's included Mac and iOS, but supporting these platforms no longer makes sense for us. We don't use Macintosh computers for development, and they are far more expensive to operate than Windows and ...

  • Future Proof Podcast 028 - Tribulations

    Future Proof Podcast 028 - Tribulations

    These aren't tough trials and tribulations, but... you know. You can listen below, read the transcript, or watch the video.

  • Future Proof Podcast 027 - Sidebar Curlicues

    Future Proof Podcast 027 - Sidebar Curlicues

    Welcome to the world of curlicues and no transparency! We bring these to you with our voices, where you cannot see them. You can listen below or read the transcript.

  • The itch.io Summer Sale is Here!

    The itch.io Summer Sale is Here!

    Feel that toasty sun baking away your winter crust? It's summer sale time! All of our games on Itch.io are 60% off until July 1!

    Remember, Itch.io will have the deepest discount of any of the storefronts we discount our games on. "The Majesty of Colors Remastered" and ...