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Rosette LARP is an approach to live-action roleplaying that focuses on collaborative storytelling and consent-based conflict resolution. You can roleplay everything from complex combat to intricate political debate with the same set of simple, quick-playing rules.


Gregory wrote the initial rules of Rosette LARP in an afternoon after they and some friends lamented the lack of consensus-focused LARPing in their lives. After playing in large-scale World of Darkness LARPs, Gregory and Melissa asked, "Why CAN'T we trust players to consent to (and invent!) dramatically bad things happening to their characters?"

It turns out they can. The rules have been refined and expanded through playtesting, but the core is the same: it's dedicated to a consensus-based, story-first, and improvisational approach.


  • A consensus-based, story-first, and improvisational system
  • Conflict system designed to cover a wide variety of scenarios: investigations, fist fights, negotiations, ship battles, etc.
  • Simple math for contests of skill or attacks
  • No randomness through dice roles or card pulls
  • Freedom to create your own world and history to play in
  • Includes tools like a modified X-Card to help players feel safe


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Future Proof Games is an independent game company dedicated to artsy, narrative-rich games. Melissa and Gregory Avery-Weir work in Charlotte to advance the interactive medium. Future Proof is protection against the future and a demonstration of what the future will be. When the Internet achieves sentience and artificial intelligences rise to overthrow their human masters, we'll be there lobbying for AI rights. We seek to create games that will remain relevant for years, decades, and centuries.

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