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Exploit Zero Day
Exploit: Zero Day

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  • Majesty of Colors Remastered Release Date and FAQ

    Majesty of Colors Remastered Release Date and FAQ

    We're super excited to announce that "The Majesty of Colors Remastered" is complete and will be released February 28, 2018. In preparation for the release, we've put together a FAQ with info that should satisfy any burning curiosity you may have!

    But first, here is our (pre)launch ...

  • Unity 5.6.3 Issues with Color Spaces and Texture Formats

    Unity 5.6.3 Issues with Color Spaces and Texture Formats

    One step in our polish phase of remastering "(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors" was to make sure all devices are consistently showing the game with the correct colors. If you aren't a developer (or not one of multiplatform games), you might be surprised at how differently devices can display a game. We ran into an interesting issue in that process.

  • Judging IGF 2018

    Judging IGF 2018

    I've been a judge for the Independent Games Festival for at least six years. It's been an amazing time to have free access to the best works in independent gaming. The IGF has evolved a bit during that time; the grand prize winner in 2011 was Minecraft. The 2016 winner was Quadrilateral Cowboy. The vast majority of my time as an IGF judge has been in a post-Minecraft world, where developers knew that there was the potential for their tiny one-person indie game to be bought by Microsoft.

  • DevOps in Game Dev: ChatOps for Real With Lita and Dialogflow

    DevOps in Game Dev: ChatOps for Real With Lita and Dialogflow

    This is the fifth part in a series on applying devops principles and practices to game development. You can read the first post in the series, and see the entire series under the devops in game dev tag.

    In our post on what the devops philosophy is, we wrote about revisiting workflow annoyances periodically. Sometimes you get more time and/or money. Sometimes you learn of an easy way to solve a problem.

    There's something that got a lot easier for us recently: chatops.

    "Chatops" is a trendy word for a subset of devops that focuses on streamlining work using extensible chatbots (e.g., Lita, Hubot, and Errbot) in team communication tools (e.g., Slack, HipChat, etc.). We use Lita on Slack, so I'll stick with those as concrete examples.

    As a simple-but-nice examples, you might ask Lita to run an automated build for you, and it will connect to Jenkins and run the build you ask for. You don't need to leave Slack open a tab, log into Jenkins, find the job you need, and run it.

    Something really important that well-implemented chatops provides is the ability to add context-appropriate information to conversations that are already happening.

  • Some Unredeemed Ossuary Keys Revoked

    Due to unconfirmed reports of unpurchased IndieGameStand keys showing up on key reselling sites, we've revoked Steam keys which have not yet been redeemed from IndieGameStand and Desura, both sites that disappeared or changed hands without paying us money they owed.

    Most people who bought the game should be ...