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Grafting cold game mechanics onto heart­warming story, Future Proof Games continues the unconventional tradition of Melissa and Gregory Avery-Weir's games. Our games are art, and we will explore the frontiers of interactive entertainment.

We create prophetic games that demand audacious compassion from their players and bring about dramatic social change. Our work explores transhumanism, looking at ways in which people can push the borders of what it means to be human. It encourages compassion and empathy for the uncomfortable and the alien, producing a more nuanced ethical perspective. We want our players to have fun becoming more insightful, thoughtful, and nurturing people.

Our games require understanding strange characters and cultures in the hopes that players will get practice in audacious compassion. They contain ethical situations that are too complicated to be approached dogmatically, provoking nuanced thought about difficult problems. They celebrate the different, the cybernetic, and the unsettling to encourage joy in stretching players' cultural comfort zones. They condemn oppression and exploitation while portraying and exploring the systems that allow such things to arise.

Latest Entries from the Dev Blog

  •  How to Make Game Code Business Cards

    How to Make Game Code Business Cards

    When we decided to go to the GDC this year, we knew we wanted to give out access codes to Exploit: Zero Day when we spoke to people. The easiest way to give out a code to EZD is with a link that includes the code and will guide the player to register, then apply the code.

    I set out to create labels containing both a QR code and a shortlink that could be affixed to the back of our business cards. It took quite a bit of trial and error to make this process smooth, but a combination of a Google Spreadsheet, Excel, and Microsoft Word 2013/365 got the job done. Unfortunately, this process won't work with Word 2007 or 2010.

    All this work is worth it, though, to have the back of my business card look like this:

    The back of my business card with a fancy label on it.

    Join me on this sweet and technical ride of mail merging. ...

  • The Defining Phrases of Rosette

    The Defining Phrases of Rosette

    As we work on Rosette, our tabletop roleplaying system, we've been working hard to focus on what makes our game distinctive. We really like tabletop games with a distinct focus. Especially with generic rulesets, you can end up with a set of perfectly fine rules that provide no compelling ...

  • Puzzle Design Tips for Exploit: Zero Day

    Puzzle Design Tips for Exploit: Zero Day

    I've just finished creating puzzles for the latest piece of free content in Exploit: Zero Day, and it was my first time doing a considered design of puzzles. I wanted a few levels of difficulty, but for puzzles to not just become obnoxious as the difficulty increased.

    The puzzles I've designed will be going live later this week, and hopefully folks will like them. I iterated quite a bit on some of them as I tried out different tactics, especially the puzzle pictured with this post.

    When it was all said and done—which took a while, since I was new to it—I was able to distill the tactics I used into this handy-dandy list.

  • Storytelling in Exploit: Zero Day

    Storytelling in Exploit: Zero Day

    Our work-in-progress Exploit: Zero Day is heavy in story. It's a social, cyberpunk puzzle game that explores conspiracies and oppression and questions who you can trust. The browser-based, intermittent format of the game makes it impractical to use traditional narration to tell our story, so we've employed a ...

  • Making Money: A Meetup Talk

    At a local game developer's meetup this week, we were asked to talk a little about our approach to making money. Some people in the group are hobbyists, some want to go full time, and some already are. They're an eclectic and often very technical group. The slides from our talk are over on Speaker Deck or below.