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Grafting cold game mechanics onto heart­warming story, Future Proof Games continues the unconventional tradition of Melissa and Gregory Avery-Weir's games. Our games are art, and we will explore the frontiers of interactive entertainment.

We create prophetic games that demand audacious compassion from their players and bring about dramatic social change. Our work explores transhumanism, looking at ways in which people can push the borders of what it means to be human. It encourages compassion and empathy for the uncomfortable and the alien, producing a more nuanced ethical perspective. We want our players to have fun becoming more insightful, thoughtful, and nurturing people.

Our games require understanding strange characters and cultures in the hopes that players will get practice in audacious compassion. They contain ethical situations that are too complicated to be approached dogmatically, provoking nuanced thought about difficult problems. They celebrate the different, the cybernetic, and the unsettling to encourage joy in stretching players' cultural comfort zones. They condemn oppression and exploitation while portraying and exploring the systems that allow such things to arise.

Latest Entries from the Dev Blog

  • How Ossuary Got Greenlit

    How Ossuary Got Greenlit

    We're not sure how Ossuary got Greenlit.

    On April 8, we posted a blog entry marking the one-year anniversary of our creepy-funny game Ossuary's journey on the Steam Greenlight service. On April 13, the game was approved, letting us start preparing it for release on Valve's major ...

  • Ossuary is Coming to Steam

    Early this week we received the fateful email: our darkly funny satire Ossuary is coming to Steam!

    It's been a rough road on Steam Greenlight, but we finally got approved. The process from here on is covered by a non-disclosure agreement, but all that's left is the basics ...

  • One Year in Steam Greenlight

    One Year in Steam Greenlight

    Our creepy-funny adventure Ossuary has now been in the Steam Greenlight program for a year. It's frustrating and demoralizing, and we're sharing some details about our experience. Whether you are in Greenlight right now, are considering it, or just buy games on Steam, it's good to know what the process is like.

    One year in, and we're 84% of the way to the top 100.

    Images in this article are taken directly from Greenlight's stats page for Ossuary. ...

  • On Cultural Appropriation

    On Cultural Appropriation

    I've noticed more talk about cultural appropriation lately, most of it scornful of the concept to varying degrees. Out of ignorance, people are claiming that "everything is cultural appropriation!" and "if cultural appropriation is bad, then X is horrible!" I want to talk a bit (as a white American) about my understanding of the concept, defuse a few toxic memes about it, and discuss how we might be guilty of it. ...

  • Example Narratives in Exploit: Zero Day

    Example Narratives in Exploit: Zero Day

    Exploit: Zero Day — our in-progress cyberpunk puzzle game — now has all the features it needs for the kinds of stories we want to tell.

    We have a lengthy list of story ideas that we'll be implementing over the next many months of the game, but here are a few ...