Exploit: Zero Day - Now in Closed Alpha Ossuary - Welcome, Newcomer, to the place of bones

Grafting cold game mechanics onto heart­warming story, Future Proof Games continues the unconventional tradition of Melissa and Gregory Avery-Weir's games. Our games are art, and we will explore the frontiers of interactive entertainment.

We create prophetic games that demand audacious compassion from their players and bring about dramatic social change. Our work explores transhumanism, looking at ways in which people can push the borders of what it means to be human. It encourages compassion and empathy for the uncomfortable and the alien, producing a more nuanced ethical perspective. We want our players to have fun becoming more insightful, thoughtful, and nurturing people.

Our games require understanding strange characters and cultures in the hopes that players will get practice in audacious compassion. They contain ethical situations that are too complicated to be approached dogmatically, provoking nuanced thought about difficult problems. They celebrate the different, the cybernetic, and the unsettling to encourage joy in stretching players' cultural comfort zones. They condemn oppression and exploitation while portraying and exploring the systems that allow such things to arise.

Latest Entries from the Dev Blog

  • Storytelling in Exploit: Zero Day

    Storytelling in Exploit: Zero Day

    Our work-in-progress Exploit: Zero Day is heavy in story. It's a social, cyberpunk puzzle game that explores conspiracies and oppression and questions who you can trust. The browser-based, intermittent format of the game makes it impractical to use traditional narration to tell our story, so we've employed a ...

  • Making Money: A Meetup Talk

    At a local game developer's meetup this week, we were asked to talk a little about our approach to making money. Some people in the group are hobbyists, some want to go full time, and some already are. They're an eclectic and often very technical group. The slides from our talk are over on Speaker Deck or below.

  • How We Make Videos

    Making trailers and other videos on a budget can be tricky. It's one of those topics that's full of people on the internet wanting to sell you things. Big-budget video editors and sketchy shareware screen capture utilities abound. At this point, though, we have a pretty solid toolchain ...

  • First Exploit Gameplay Trailer

    We have a gameplay trailer for Exploit: Zero Day! This is a general trailer that hopefully will give people a feel for what the game is about. Share it with your friends and enemies. Thank you to the current players who gave us feedback on earlier trailer drafts.

    Exploit: Zero ...

  • Integrating the Indie Press Services

    Integrating the Indie Press Services

    As indie devs, we leverage a variety of services to keep track of keys we've given out, press we contact or want to contact, vendors we've talked to, customers we've interacted with, and fellow developers/artists/etc. we follow.

    Here's our list:

    • Highrise: a free-for-small-setups Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) in which we store customer, press, and vendor contacts and email discussions. Highrise was originally developed by the makers of Basecamp and Campfire, and still has that clean UX.
    • Promoter: a free-for-tiny-setups system to track press mentions of your games.
    • presskit(): a free, self-hosted PHP tool to create a presskit for your company and its games — descriptions, screenshots, videos, press quotes, awards, etc.
    • distribute(): a free, centrally-hosted tool that houses game keys and provides an interface through which press can request them. Requests are vetted to ensure they aren't from randos, and shows the reach/audience size of the folks requesting keys.

    All four of these services can talk to each other, but it's not always the clearest to figure out how. ...