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Exploit Zero Day
Exploit: Zero Day

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  • "The Majesty of Colors" Release Rundown

    "The Majesty of Colors" Release Rundown

    At the end of February we released "(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors" Remastered. Now that the furor and stress of the release week is behind us, we can look back at how it went.

    We've been generally very pleased with the critical and fan response ...

  • Rosette Dramatic LARP Is Now Rosette Diceless

    Rosette Dramatic LARP Is Now Rosette Diceless

    As we move forward in finishing our next project, we've decided to change its name to match how it's serving best in playtesting: Rosette Dramatic LARP is now Rosette Diceless!

    Rosette Diceless is a roleplaying system that focuses on collaborative storytelling and consent-based conflict resolution. You can roleplay everything from complex combat to intricate political debate with the same set of simple, quick-playing rules.


    There are two big reasons: the realities of the system, and marketing.

  • "The Majesty of Colors" Is Released!

    "The Majesty of Colors" Is Released!

    We're thrilled to announce that "(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors" is officially released! You can buy it on Steam, itch.io, the App Store, and Google Play.

    It's 33% off during launch week (through March 6, 2018), making it $2 USD on all storefronts ...

  • Ethical Intention in Development

    The other week we gave a talk at James Madison University as part of their CS Speaker Series at the invitation of our friend Prof. Michael Stewart.

    We presented on "Ethical Intention in Development," and we now have a video that combines our slides with recorded audio from the talk ...

  • "The Majesty of Colors" Teasers

    "The Majesty of Colors" Teasers

    "(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors" is coming out in just a few days. We're nervous and excited and trepidatious and many other things you might find in a thesaurus related to "nervous". We don't release games very often, so this feels big.

    One of the things we've aimed to do with the remastering of "The Majesty of Colors" is not to just give players the game from 2008 in a new technology, but to give folks the game they remember playing, which is probably a little different from the reality of the Flash game.

    We've talked about some of the major improvements we've made to the game, but the smaller enhancements have mostly been left to our social media posts. Here's a compilation of some of the recent gifs we've posted: