Grafting cold game mechanics onto heartwarming story, Future Proof Games continues the unconventional tradition of Gregory Avery-Weir's games. Our games are art, and we will explore the frontiers of interactive entertainment.

Future Proof is protection against the future and a demonstration of what the future will be. When the Internet achieves sentience and artificial intelligences rise to overthrow their human masters, we'll be there lobbying for AI rights. We seek to create games that will remain relevant for years, decades, and centuries.

Now Available: Ossuary

Ossuary is a top-down adventure game set in an unchanging underworld with a stark aesthetic. As an outsider (literally) dropped into this place, explore five virtue-themed areas while leveraging the cardinal sins to change the people and world around you.

Watch trailers and download the Windows and Mac demos on the game page, or purchase it below.

Latest Entries from the Dev Blog

  • Rosette RPG Playtest Episode 1

    Rosette RPG Playtest Episode 1

    Our tabletop roleplaying game is almost done. In "beta" and for most of its development, it had the working title LORE. However, with our vision for it solidified and the polish phase starting, it was time to pick a name that reflected what the game had become.

    I present to ...

  • Props to Our Alpha Players

    Props to Our Alpha Players

    Exploit: Zero Day, our game about solving puzzles and conspiring against the Man, is in closed alpha testing at the moment. We're working on the version code-named Alpha One, which is planned to have all of the core features: puzzle solving and creation, jobs given by NPCs, full mobile ...

  • Status of the Revolution

    Status of the Revolution

    Exploit: Zero Day, our cyberpunk social puzzle game, has been in "Alpha Zero" state for almost six weeks now. A select few players have been poking at the core of the game while we prepare the framework that it will be embedded in.

    Within the next month we plan to ...

  • How to Pay for Exploit: Zero Day

    How to Pay for Exploit: Zero Day

    For a long time, we planned for Exploit: Zero Day, our social hacking puzzle game currently in closed alpha, to use a "free-to-play" or "freemium" approach to money. Not anymore. ...

  • Code Name: Car Game

    Screenshot from the Car Game

    With Exploit: Zero Day in closed alpha, we’re hard at work on two other projects, LORE and an untitled game about a car’s adventures.

    You play an adorable car that gains sentience and finds itself wanting to do things its owner does… like see a movie at a ...