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Exploit Zero Day
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Exploit Zero Day
Exploit: Zero Day

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  • FPG Update Podcast 001 - Rosette Diceless, GDPR, and Jenkins Pipelines

    FPG Update Podcast 001 - Rosette Diceless, GDPR, and Jenkins Pipelines

    We're doing something new this month: chatting about the work we're doing in a short podcast! Legitimately short: it's only 15 minutes including our dope intro/outro music.

    Give a listen below or read the transcript online or as a PDF. You can also subscribe in Apple ...

  • Rosette Diceless Sample

    Rosette Diceless Sample

    We're quickly approaching completion on our GM-less roleplaying system Rosette Diceless. We're so close, in fact, that we'd like to show off an excerpt from the book! While the contents still might change, this sample should be very close to the design and contents of the final ...

  • "The Majesty of Colors" Price Drop

    "The Majesty of Colors" Price Drop

    "(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors" has been out three months today! We're happy to announce that as of today, the game will be available on desktop platforms for $1.99 and mobile platforms for $0.99. This is the game's new normal price, not ...

  • A Garden of Fonts for Rosette Diceless

    A Garden of Fonts for Rosette Diceless

    Often, the most effective ways to communicate a work's tone are also the most subtle adjustments. In digital games, creators too often put off or overlook background sounds, even though they immediately set a mood.

    Our roleplaying game sourcebook Rosette Diceless doesn't come with a soundtrack, but books ...

  • The Art of Rosette Diceless Typesetting

    The Art of Rosette Diceless Typesetting

    Our upcoming roleplaying sourcebook Rosette Diceless is in its final typesetting and compilation phases! Images, ornaments, and fonts are chosen and largely placed. We want to share some of that process with you, including a major tech struggle.

    Rosette Diceless is setting-free, although it includes some suggestions on world building, as well as optional character abilities in science fiction or fantasy settings. Not being tied to a particular setting meant that we had fairly free reign in choosing our style for the book.

    Developing this book is happening on a miniscule budget, however, so when we decided on an aesthetic for the book, it took into consideration assets that were public domain, had liberal copyrights, or were very low cost.