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We create games that demand audacious compassion from their players. Wanna read more about us ?

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Exploit Zero Day
Exploit: Zero Day

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"Awaiting the End"

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  • Our Trip to ECGC 2017

    Our Trip to ECGC 2017

    This week the two of us traveled to Raleigh to show off in the Indie Alley at ECGC 2017! We've shown at the East Coast Game Conference once before, and once again it gave us useful insight into what parts of our games folks find most interesting.

    ECGC is ...

  • FPG at ECGC 2017!

    FPG at ECGC 2017!

    Future Proof Games will be at the East Coast Game Conference in Raleigh, NC this week for the second year in a row!

    If you want to be among the first humans to play the remastered Majesty of Colors, stop by! We'll have playable demos of Majesty running for ...

  • Crashing and Burning on Multiple Simultaneous Projects

    Crashing and Burning on Multiple Simultaneous Projects

    Our plan for the last few years has been to work on multiple projects at once. When Gregory worked full time on Future Proof projects, this kept them from feeling drained working on the same thing day in and day out. Now that we're both indefinitely part time, however, we're finding it near-impossible.

    Our 2017 plans seemed reasonable. They were in line with what we've tried to do in the last couple of years, but incorporating the data from previous years: actual dev time for new Exploit: Zero Day story jobs, actual time needed for marketing, conference schedules, etc.

    With that in mind, we set ourselves up to work on two high intensity projects and a low-key one: EZD, Majesty of Colors, and Rosette LARP, respectively.

  • Majesty of Colors Is Playable

    Majesty of Colors Is Playable

    Great news: our remaster of (I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors is now playable from beginning to end. We're still working on coding up the opening and closing narration and the menus, but the core of the game is complete with all of the original branches ...

  • Announcing: Rosette LARP

    Announcing: Rosette LARP

    We're very pleased to announce that we will be publishing a rule book for live-action role playing (LARP) based on the Rosette rules and philosophy! Rosette LARP will be available digitally and in print from DriveThruRPG and digital-only from itch.io by summer.