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Rosette Diceless is a guide to a certain style of roleplaying game. With Rosette Diceless you can take part in games with many more players than are practical for many roleplaying systems. You can easily split into groups without dividing the attention of a single game master. There's no randomness; challenge resolution is simple and based on resource expenditure, predicting your target's actions, and setting up story to enable your success.


Gregory wrote the initial rules of Rosette Diceless in an afternoon after they and some friends lamented the lack of consensus-focused LARPing in their lives. After playing in large-scale World of Darkness LARPs, Gregory and Melissa asked, "Why can't we trust players to consent to (and invent!) dramatically bad things happening to their characters?"

It turns out they can. The rules have been refined and expanded through playtesting, but the core is the same: it's dedicated to a consensus-based, story-first, and improvisational approach.

On May 7, 2021, Future Proof Games updated Rosette Diceless to version 1.0.1. This change clarified rules around blocking Edges with Resources and how to build Narrator characters, and adjusted how Stress and Afflictions are tracked to reduce confusion. Existing owners got the update for free, and an errata document is available on the Rosette website.



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Rosette Diceless Credits

Gregory Avery-Weir

Game Designer and Writer

Melissa Avery-Weir

Game Designer and Writer

Brendan Kern


Jim Ryan


Zachary Szczepaniak


Ben Walker


Benjamin Thomas Dudley


Lucy Arnold

Testing and Proofreading