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Rosette Dramatic LARP Is Now Rosette Diceless

Rosette Dramatic LARP Is Now Rosette Diceless

As we move forward in finishing our next project, we've decided to change its name to match how it's serving best in playtesting: Rosette Dramatic LARP is now Rosette Diceless!

Rosette Diceless is a roleplaying system that focuses on collaborative storytelling and consent-based conflict resolution. You can roleplay everything from complex combat to intricate political debate with the same set of simple, quick-playing rules.


There are two big reasons: the realities of the system, and marketing.

In playtesting, we've found that the rules lend themselves not only towards live-action roleplaying, but also lightweight, diceless tabletop play. We didn't see any reason to restrict this Rosette sourcebook to a particular style when it serves well for a couple.

Second, it's tricky to market a LARP. It's a small segment of an already small market. While we're pretty sure that Rosette won't be a money-maker for us (even very well-known RPG designing companies seem to struggle), we don't see any reason to hamper it, marketing-wise.

The "Dice"y Rosette

Rosette will be a total of four sourcebooks, three dice-using books with tabletop rules and settings, plus Rosette Diceless. The books that use dice fill a different niche and gameplay style. We still think those are fun and valuable, so we aren't merging Diceless with those.

What's Changing

There aren't any actual rules that need to change in this shift, but some of our wording around what the system is does. It's an improvement—our introduction currently includes some "what Rosette Diceless isn't" wording that we can now make more positive in tone and style.

Release Date

Ha! We've learned our lesson about release dates the hard way. When we're very, very confident of a date, we'll announce it. In the interim, if you're a member of the press, podcaster/streamer, etc. and are interested in an advance copy once we're closer to finalized, submit a request via Promoter.

We'll also be talking more about Rosette Diceless on social media, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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