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Awaiting the End

Cover of Awaiting the End

"Awaiting the End" is a free GM-less tabletop roleplaying game where you play people trapped in a Place awaiting a Doom and you tell stories about how you got there. It requires minimal preparation and the rules fit on a tri-fold pamphlet.

Download "Awaiting the End" here. Print it double-sided on letter-sized paper (A4 will probably work) and fold into a c-fold tri-fold pamphlet (like you'd fold a letter) with the cover page on the outside.

"Awaiting the End" is inspired by works like Rashomon and The Usual Suspects, where people look back on how they got to a Place and don't always tell the same truth as others doing the same thing. Games can help to place structure on our social interactions. We will play this game here, by these rules, and then it will end. Change is coming, but this is a way to pass the time.

Awaiting the End 448.9 KB