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The Future Proof Podcast 012

Podcast episode

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:21  
Hello, and welcome to the Future Proof Podcast. This is our monthly podcast where we chat about stuff we're working on anything cool we're planning. I'm Melissa Avery-Weir.

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:30  
And I'm Gregory Avery-Weir.

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:33  
And this is going to be a really short one, mostly to announce something.

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:38  
Yeah. So if you haven't heard, we are going to be opening up Exploit: Zero Day on July 10 2019. If you haven't played Exploit: Zero Day before, it's a story about hacktivism, where you are solving puzzles that represent computer systems you're hacking into in order to investigate shady companies, and help support people who are in trouble or who are in situations where they don't have the power to help themselves and are looking to you for help.

Melissa Avery-Weir  1:09  
So previously, you needed a key to get access to the game, which we typically gave out in newsletters that went out monthly. This is opening up such that anyone who registers can play, you'll be able to make puzzles, share puzzles, play puzzles, write story. 

Gregory Avery-Weir  1:25  
So starting July 10, you'll have access to puzzle creation, browsing all user puzzles, and playing our season of free story, which is called "Black Echoes," which is a story of identity and abuse of power, where you're investigating a person that you're pretty sure is dead until they contact you and ask you for help with a situation that they've uncovered involving police violence in Indiana.

Melissa Avery-Weir  1:57  
And so if you're not already following us on social media, now is good time. Or we'll have a podcast episode out in early July that should align with that opening date.

Gregory Avery-Weir  2:06  
And if you go to exploitzeroday.com right now and make an account, then on July 10, you'll get your message with your first job that will be available to get into the story of Exploit: Zero Day.

Melissa Avery-Weir  2:18  
Yep. So as usual, you can find all of our stuff over at futureproofgames.com. We're over on twitter @PlayFutureProof and on Facebook as Future Proof Games. Hit us up with questions or comments or suggestions over on the blog or social media. Our theme music is "Juparo" by Broke for Free, which is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.