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The Future Proof Podcast 037

Podcast episode

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:00  
Hey everyone, this is Gregory. Here at Future Proof Games, we've been pretty busy with the holiday season. We've had the normal kind of human personal stuff. We've got had holiday sales. And the stuff that we have been working on hasn't been hugely visible. It's stuff like we did metadata on webpages and, and some behind the scenes stuff. 

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:27  
So we won't have a full podcast this month, but we did have a, I think a real good 2023 planning discussion around the start of the year. And we're looking forward to the stuff we're going to be doing. There's going to be more Exploit: Zero Day, and maybe even some games that we haven't mentioned in a long time. 

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:48  
So we will see how the year turns out. It's hard to predict this sort of thing. If you want to keep up with us, you can follow us on Twitter at @playfutureproof you can follow our cohost at You can subscribe to our email newsletter at And we're still doing streams! We do them every couple weeks, offset in the schedule as needed to account for, for conflicts. So you can check that out. My next one is going to be a game called Candleman, which I actually think that we got to play a demo of at a GDC so I'm excited to check that out; it should be a fun puzzler. So thanks for listening and we'll talk to you later.