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The Future Proof Podcast 040

Podcast episode

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:21  
Hello, and welcome to the Future Proof Podcast. This is our bi-monthly podcast where we chat about stuff we've been working on and anything cool we're planning. I'm Melissa.

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:32  
And I'm Gregory. And we have a bit of a security alert.

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:36  
Oh, no, don't frame it that way!

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:39  
Everything's fine.

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:39  
Everything's fine. Absolutely. There's been no breach, no leak, no nothing. We did an update to Exploit: Zero Day to ensure that our password requirements are being enforced. So passwords need to be a certain length, they need to be... it, they can't just be all numbers, they can't be a super common password. So we did a push last week, when you hear this probably, that just made sure that when people sign up, and if they change their passwords, that they have to hit, meet those requirements. So not a huge thing, but I think important that we make sure that's correct.

Gregory Avery-Weir  1:19  
Yeah, your account is safe. But if you did sign up with like a four digit password or the password "god" or something like that, go in and change it. And it'll, it'll make sure that you can only put in a good safe password. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  1:32  
Yep. Was it "god", "sex ", and "money" for the Hacker...? 

Gregory Avery-Weir  1:36  
Yeah, I don't remember what it is in Hackers. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  1:38  
Yeah, and probably not accurate. So yes. And if you have not played Exploit: Zero Day, now's a great time to sign up, because now it's more secure!

Melissa Avery-Weir  1:54  
Exploit: Zero Day is our hacktivism game in which you are playing a hacker fighting for truth and justice and against corporate overreach and police brutality and this sort of thing. It's online and it's browser based, it is free, including a free season of story called "Black Echoes". And then we have been working on our first paid season of story in it called "Headless Swarm". So It's a pretty fun game. But we do have a non-Future Proof Project that we have started? Started? Is upcoming.

Gregory Avery-Weir  2:37  
Yeah, is... yeah, we have started it. So, so you know, it feels a little weird talking about non Future Proof things on Future Proof Podcast. But, but this is also about the future and features both of us. So both of us along with Dr. Lucy Arnold, have started a podcast called Before the Future Came. The first episode is going to come out probably around the start of August. It is recorded, it is edited. We're in final, like, review and transcript and stuff. But we're gonna, we're going to wait to put it out until around then. And it is about Star Trek. It is about the ideals of Star Trek and what... You know, Star Trek says is a show in a franchise and so on that says "Hey, we're post capitalist, we don't need money anymore. Wer're... you know, we don't discriminate against people. We don't believe in conquering planets." 

Gregory Avery-Weir  3:31  
And sometimes it lives up to that and sometimes it doesn't. So we will be, we will be watching Star Trek out of order. We'll do... we're gonna start with Star Trek:  First Contact the film. And then we'll switch to an episode of the show. And we might switch to a completely different series. We might do a book. We're, they're all going to be connected thematically, each one is going to be thematically connected to the next. And we're going to talk about the ideals of it and what we love about the episodes and how we think the episodes could be better. 

Gregory Avery-Weir  4:04  
So if you'd like podcasts and being thoughtful and being caring and also geeking out about a cool 50 year long sci fi series check it out. You can go to or probably by the time this episode comes out you'll, you can just search "Before the Future Came" on whatever podcast platform you use. And we've got a preview episode up that's just like us saying what the show is and a little more detail and you'll get a full on... something like an hour? episode.

Melissa Avery-Weir  4:42  
I'm thinking this was gonna be a little longer based on discussion.

Gregory Avery-Weir  4:45  
Maybe an hour and a half. Yeah. We'll see. We'll see.

Melissa Avery-Weir  4:49  
But yeah, that's exciting. I am—I have not been on a you know, sort of non-work related project. I've, I've not done like a fandom geekery podcast before, so... should be fun.

Gregory Avery-Weir  5:05  
And if you are impatient waiting for that to come out for the remainder of August, we've got a deal for you.

Melissa Avery-Weir  5:12  
We do! The Rosette Diceless books are in the DriveThruRPG Christmas in July sale. So through the end of the month, the end of July, both Rosette Diceless and the Rosette Diceless Companion are on sale on DriveThruRPG. And there you can get both print or eBook. eBook comes as PDF and ePub. It looks pretty good on a phone; nice and searchable and all that. So either way, all the ways that you wish to have the Rosette Diceless bundle, you can get it on sale for the rest of the month. 

Gregory Avery-Weir  5:50  
So check that out. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  5:51  
You can find all of our stuff over at We are on Cohost as FPG and on YouTube as Future Proof Games. We are technically still on Twitter, but you will see a lot more of our presence and a lot more interesting stuff over on Cohost than on Twitter. So we recommend finding us over there. So you can hit us up with any questions or comments on our blog or social media and our theme music is "Juparo" by Brook for Free which is used with permission

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