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The Future Proof Podcast 042

Podcast episode

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:21  
Hello, and welcome to the Future Proof Podcast. This is our bimonthly podcast where we chat about stuff we've been working on and anything cool we're planning. I'm Melissa.

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:33  
And I'm Gregory. And it's getting close to the end of the year.

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:37  
It is. The holiday season has begun. At least in the US.

Gregory Avery-Weir  0:43  
Yes. I think, I think the holiday season is, is present even in the southern hemisphere. It's just summer over there.

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:51  
This is true. So yeah, that kind of throws us into a decent amount of disarray when it comes to kind of our normal cadence of doing streams, and, you know, newsletters and this podcast, and so on and so forth. We have... I think each of us have holiday plans coming up here very shortly. That is going to have us sort of a way from our, our computers more than we would normally be. So yeah, I think it'll honestly be fun. I have very fun plans for the holiday. So I'm kind of excited to to go and be with family for a little bit.

Gregory Avery-Weir  1:41  
Yeah. But that does mean that we're not quite sure when, like, we're going to do streams, stuff like that. We normally do them every two weeks on a set schedule. And this time we'll... stuff might get pushed around it already has been, actually.

Melissa Avery-Weir  1:56  
Yeah, definitely, the best ways to hear about our upcoming streams is going to be on Cohost and Twitter. We also have a schedule page on futureproofgames.com. But it's not always the most up to date; we do our best, but social media is probably the best way to get heads up that we'll be doing a stream. So it's going to be, it's just going to be a little ad hoc for the next probably through December, realistically. So bear with us. We have, I think some... We've been playing some cool games on stream, and we'll continue to do so. So keep an ear out.

Gregory Avery-Weir  2:33  
Yeah, and if you're looking for stuff to do over the holidays, well, we're gonna have a bunch of holiday sales coming. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  2:39  

Gregory Avery-Weir  2:40  
The Steam Winter Sale is starting December 21. And all of our stuff on Steam is going to be on discount in that one. And there will almost certainly be some sales on itch.io, which is kind of our preferred storefront, if you're gonna, if you're trying to decide where to buy our stuff, buy it there, you'll still get Steam keys for stuff that is on Steam. But we're not quite sure when those will be. Those are, don't have as much advance notice as other platforms. So just you know, keep an eye out and, and we'll let you know.

Melissa Avery-Weir  3:10  
Yeah, sometimes sometimes we find out about Itch sales during sprint planning.

Gregory Avery-Weir  3:16  
Sometimes we're in the meeting and being like, "Hey, what's, what's the situation on the—Oh! There's a sale coming tomorrow." So that's just the way things are. Very small company over there. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  3:28  
Right. So yeah, definitely keep up with those. We also want to say congratulations to the writers and actors unions. They have settled out deals... the unions have settled out deals to make better money, more equitable circumstances in a sort of streaming world. So major congrats to them. That, that strike began in... August?

Gregory Avery-Weir  3:57  
July? Yeah, something like that. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  3:59  

Gregory Avery-Weir  4:00  
In the summer. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  4:00  
Yeah. So it was a, it's been a long haul, so good for them. This means that for our podcast, Before the Future Came—which is available just about everywhere—we will be returning to Star Trek around the beginning of the year.

Gregory Avery-Weir  4:18  
You can check out Before the Future Came at beforethefuture.space. It's technically not... It's not a Future Proof Games thing. It's a thing we're doing with our partner, Lucy. But it is... I think it ,I think fans of Future Proof would also enjoy that podcast.

Melissa Avery-Weir  4:37  
Yeah, hopefully. If you do listen and you like it, let us know what you think. Or I mean, I guess if you don't like it...

Gregory Avery-Weir  4:43  
Yeah, we —Yes. I mean, if you, if you've got good suggestions, we'd welcome them. Yeah, we haven't gotten much feedback on it yet. So we're, we're hoping to hear what folks who've checked it out think of it. 

Gregory Avery-Weir  4:57  
Oh, and another quick request: if you do pick up The Majesty of Colors or Ossuary in one of the holiday sales, we'd really appreciate it if you would leave us a review on Steam. Good reviews on Steam genuinely do like increase the amount that people see games and make it more likely that they'll, like, even spend time to figure out whether it's the sort of game they want to play. So you... I think anywhere you get these games, you'll get a Steam key. And you can go in there and give us good review, please. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  5:30  
Yep, and if you pick up any of the games on Itch, including Rosette Diceless, you can leave reviews and ratings there and that, those show up for for folks, also. So you can find all of our stuff over at futureproofgames.com.

Melissa Avery-Weir  5:48  
We are on co host as FPG and on YouTube as Future Proof Games. Hit us up with any questions or comments over on the blog or on social media. Our theme music is "Juparo" by Broke for Free, which is used with permission.

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