Rosette Diceless Companion Now Available

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The Future Proof Podcast 029

Podcast episode

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:22  
Hello, and welcome to this one off episode of the Future Proof Podcast. Normally, this is our bi-monthly podcast where we talk about stuff we're working on and anything cool we're planning. But this time, this is just a short announcement about the Rosette Diceless Companion book.

Melissa Avery-Weir  0:44  
It is going to be released on Friday, September 24! So that is probably one day after this episode comes out. And that will be print, PDF and EPUB versions of the new Diceless Companion book, which as you all know, contains all sorts of additional advice and player options and campaign options. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  1:08  
Along with that will be the updated version of the original Diceless book. And that incorporates errata that we've already published. I'll have links in the show notes. So we've posted those errata separately. You can go read them. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  1:24  
If you have already purchased a PDF version of the original Diceless book, you can go back to wherever you purchased it and download a new copy, and it will have all the corrections--all the errata--incorporated into it. From now on, if you buy a print copy of the book, you will get a fully updated, corrected version. We have just pulled all those edits in. If you have an older print version, that's fine, you can pull the list of changes off of the Rosette website and just see the comparisons there and kind of use that as a, as a side page to have with you while you play. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  2:02  
So all of that is coming out on Friday. Some of the storefronts will have different, different versions available. For instance, does not do print on demand. So only the PDFs and the EPUBs will be available there. But places like DriveThruRPG will have all three versions, print included. Amazon is currently going to be print-only. We're having issues generating a Kindle version, which we've talked about before. So if you check out--there's link in the show notes for the blog. It lays everything out in a text format, which is simpler to see which storefronts have which things. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  2:40  
But that is Friday, September 24. If you have questions or you want to come hang out with us and talk about it, I am streaming on Saturday, the 25th at 5pm Eastern. I will be playing Even the Ocean, which is a platformer. I've been told it's not very hard, which is good. So you can come hang out with us there; both Greg and I will both be present and for sure talking about the release and taking any questions you have. 

Melissa Avery-Weir  3:09  
So that's all I have. You can find all of our stuff over at We're on Twitter at PlayFutureProof and on YouTube as Future Proof Games. Ask us any questions over on the blog, social media, or our stream on Saturday. And the theme music that we use is "Juparo" by Broke for free which is used with permission.

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