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A New Year: 2014

Welcome to 2014 with Future Proof Games! To inaugurate our new development blog, I'd like to review 2013 and look toward what awaits us in 2014. The sages have declared this year "20Forward" and that's where we're headed.

For Halloween 2013, we made our debut with the free hypertext horror game "The Whispering Thing." People seemed to like it, and I just discovered that there was even a Let's Play video. To date, it's been played almost 900 times, which seems pretty good for a text-only game. The launch of "TWT" was in part a dry run for our website development and deployment system, which is becoming a well-oiled machine. For more technical details on the specifics of TWT deployment, you can read Melissa's blog post on the topic.

Our big event, of course, was the release of Ossuary. It's a game that's been years in intermittent development and it's a huge relief to actually have it out. We released on November 27th, and although we got a couple cool reviews and impressions it mostly got brief news articles and didn't get the attention we were hoping for.

We'd had trouble figuring out how to do a demo for the game, but I was hit by a burst of inspiration and we made it in about a week, releasing it at the end of the year. "The Hodge/Podge Transformer" got us more attention and many more purchases, which makes sense. Ossuary is a strange game and it only benefits from people being able to try it out and make sure it's something they like.

So what's in store for 2014? I'd love to see Ossuary continue to get more and more attention. We're also hard at work on our next unannounced title. It's both a very different kind of game than either of us have done before while still having a very strong connection to my earlier work.


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