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Archives March 2016

Exploit: Zero Day Update to 0.23.0 - Scryp Galore!

Exploit: Zero Day Update to 0.23.0 - Scryp Galore!

We've updated Exploit: Zero Day as part of our Alpha Two phase of development.


  • Scryp implementation for solving home cluster systems.
    • Players will earn scryp when playing systems in others' home clusters.
    • The creators of home cluster systems get a kickback when other players solve them.
  • Fix system timer ...

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The Troubled Morality of Hacktivism

Exploit: Zero Day is a game about hacktivism. We cast players into the role of hacktivists fighting for justice against monolithic corporations and governments. In doing so, we portray hacktivism as necessary, effective, and even (to some extent) glamorous. But to treat it too lightly would be to ignore the ...

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DevOps in Game Dev: (Blameless) Retrospectives

DevOps in Game Dev: (Blameless) Retrospectives

(This is part 3 of a series on applying devops principles and practices to game development. The main post is here and all posts can be found under this tag.)

In our post on devops philosophies, we emphasized the continuous process of learning and revising, and said that a good place for that to happen is in retrospective (or post-mortem) meetings.

So what is a retrospective?


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