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Exploit: Zero Day: Collecting Hacking Tactics

Exploit: Zero Day: Collecting Hacking Tactics

In writing for Exploit: Zero Day, we need to have characters using hacking techniques that aren't too far off what we think is possible. Thing is, neither of us are (or have ever been) hackers.

I (Melissa), however, have some specific sources I use to seed ideas for tactics characters might use: cybersecurity news.

It sounds boring, like reading dry academic papers of new tweaks on cryptographic techniques. Or ho-hum, like yet another hospital attacked with ransomware.

But not only are there some unusual events going on, there are also witty commentary, well-crafted journalism, and surprisingly science fictiony techniques at play. It's pretty fascinating to keep up on, even if you aren't specifically writing in the cyberpunk genre.

So here's where I get my news in a pretty low-key way:


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