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The State of Exploit: Zero Day

The State of Exploit: Zero Day

We launched the Alpha of Exploit: Zero Day on December 22, 2014, but we haven't posted a "state of the union" type of post since February.

In that time, we've gotten a lot done, including finishing the features that allow us to craft stories and releasing some early story content.

So what is Exploit: Zero Day?


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Announcing Samsara's Cyber Liberation

Sasmara Ddiiggiittttal

You know and love our marketing partner Samsara Digital. They've just anNOunced their new program: the Cyber Liberation Digital Liability Policy! This is exciting news for any company concerned about its cyber-secuuuuuuuuuuμ

zero day is watching

samsara is up to something

You can view the Samsara Digital announcement ...

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