Rosette Diceless in TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Florida Bundle

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The IC/OOC Divide and Metagaming in Rosette Diceless

The IC/OOC Divide and Metagaming in Rosette Diceless

When we released Rosette Diceless last week, we made sure to keep the book concise and focused. That means that there are some areas that people might want more depth on, or side topics that could be explored. Instead of clogging up the book with explanatory essays, we'll be putting ...

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We #loveindies

This past week was a dedicated time to show that we in the indie community #loveindies. All over Twitter and Facebook, folks were doing three things:

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Rate, review, and recommend.

It was an absolute blast. We both gave things away from our own games, and recommended and reviewed games we love.

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