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Future Proof Podcast 014

We're back in action! Listen to this month's episode below or read the transcript online.

We cover a few topics:

  • Our community survey is out! It's the first time we've done a wide push to get advice and feedback of this sort, and we appreciate everyone who fills it ...

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Future Proof Podcast 007 - Business Meeting Edition

Future Proof Podcast 007 - Business Meeting Edition

This is a special episode! You'll notice it's much longer than our usual 15 minutes—that's because we're actually having a business meeting during the podcast. It was originally recorded on December 10, 2018, but the holidays interfered a bit with editing and transcribing.

We had an internal refocusing meeting back ...

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We #loveindies

This past week was a dedicated time to show that we in the indie community #loveindies. All over Twitter and Facebook, folks were doing three things:

loveindies logo
Rate, review, and recommend.

It was an absolute blast. We both gave things away from our own games, and recommended and reviewed games we love.

Our Giveaways


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