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Designing a Game - Concept to Polish

In April, Gregory gave a presentation for the local Charlotte GameDev Meetup group. The talk was called "Designing a Game - Concept to Polish," and it goes through the process of designing a game. No programming, no technologies discussed: just how to turn an idea into mechanics, rules, and challenges.

We've finally processed the recorded audio, so we can offer a version of the presentation synched up to the words. It's built with the awesome presentation tool Prezi. The presentation is about 45 minutes.

The audio quality is fine, but you can't hear the audience questions very well. I've transcribed as best I can. We also did a collaborative design exercise, which I've summarized.

Press the "play" button in the lower left of the player to start.

You can also see the presentation on its own page.

The presentation owes a lot to a few sources:

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