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First Exploit Gameplay Trailer

We have a gameplay trailer for Exploit: Zero Day! This is a general trailer that hopefully will give people a feel for what the game is about. Share it with your friends and enemies. Thank you to the current players who gave us feedback on earlier trailer drafts.

Exploit: Zero Day is a browser-based social puzzle game where you hack your friends and fight oppression. It's currently in closed alpha. To receive a free access key, sign up for our mailing list.

A sequel to the flash game Exploit by Gregory Avery-Weir, Zero Day is a mobile-friendly game where you solve puzzles to hack into computer systems, investigate the dealings of the mysterious Samsara Digital corporation, and make your own systems for your friends to play. Explore and discuss conspiracies, make difficult choices, and express your creativity.

Press and Youtubers, get a key on distribute().

Trailer music from the Exploit soundtrack by Evan X. Merz.

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