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Two Tutorial Videos for Exploit: Zero Day

Two Tutorial Videos for Exploit: Zero Day

Exploit: Zero Day is still in Alpha, but we're getting a nice little base of enthusiastic players, who we greatly appreciate. While we're developing content and some nearly-core features, there's a bunch of user experience features that aren't implemented yet.

Some of those surround the new user experience, like more tightly integrated welcome guides for new users and intro cinematics. Others are general improvements, like tooltips on nodes when editing, better guidance during editing, and tighter integration with the forum to make it easier to get to people’s profile pages.

While those things aren’t done, we’ve created a couple of little tutorial videos for playing Exploit: Zero Day puzzles:

And creating them:

Players who haven’t solved very many systems have a link to the tutorial YouTube playlist on their account pages.

We’d love ideas for other tutorial videos we should make! More advanced puzzle design topics? Other intro/beginner videos? Leave a comment below, on the EZD forum, or find us on Twitter, G+, or Facebook.

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