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The Value of a Secret in Rosette Diceless

The Value of a Secret in Rosette Diceless

As part of our series of in-depth essays on aspects of Rosette Diceless that we didn't want to overload the book with, we've posted "The Value of a Secret". It's a deep dive into the role of Secrets in a Rosette Diceless game.

We've seen some players have a hard time roleplaying or revealing Secrets. It can be a struggle to figure out how to hint at a motivation without blatantly revealing it, and it can be difficult to realize when a Secret should be let go. We've had a lot of success leveraging the collaborative aspects of Diceless play to help with this, and it's improved the communal story significantly.

Secrets should produce some tension, and producing that tension is the player's responsibility, regardless of who the Narrator is. Let your character's Secrets drive some of the decisions they make. Make it clear your character is at least a bit conflicted.

To read the rest, including the new Negative Personality Trait "Plagued by Nightmares", see "The Value of a Secret" on the Rosette site.

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