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Ace Systems Go! updated to 1.1.0

Ace Systems Go! updated to 1.1.0

Our post-jam release of "Ace Systems Go!" is here! This visual novel about an asexual space pilot preparing for a guerrilla relief mission with the help of her polyamorous family was originally made in one month for Ace Jam 2019.

We wanted to make some enhancements that we either didn't have time for in the initial release or thought of after the deadline, so we've released a new version. If you haven't checked out the game, you can get it for free (or pay what you want)! If you have played it, it might be worth a second try; we've added new options and the specifics of the goals change each time you play.

You can grab "Ace Systems Go!" on

Version 1.1 of "Ace Systems Go!" contains the following changes:

  • Eight new events that are randomly shuffled in to the options for mission preparation
  • Periodic, procedural reports on mission status
  • Character portraits now appear on the dossier screens
  • Miscellaneous UX improvements

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