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#loveindies 2019 Is Here

#loveindies 2019 Is Here

It's time once again for #loveindies! This is an event set up by Failbetter Games as a celebration of the indie games community and a way to help connect games to players through reviews and recommendations.

From June 3-14, developers, players, and media folks in the indie games space will be celebrating the community and helping to raise awareness of cool games and creative teams. We participated in 2018 and really enjoyed it, and we're doing it again this year!

There are full details in the participation guide, but one big focus is on reviews. On platforms like Steam, player reviews are really helpful in letting folks know what games they might be interested in and in attracting attention to good games that may otherwise be overlooked.

If you want to follow our participation in #loveindies:

We'll be streaming games pretty often, both on Melissa's Twitch channel and on Gregory's Twitch channel. If you're streaming our stuff, let us know; we'd love to try and show up.

And if you want to help us out specifically, we would love some reviews of our games:

And while our hacktivism puzzle game Exploit: Zero Day doesn't live on any storefronts, we'd love it if you'd tell your friends about it, write about it, or play it on stream!

If you're a media/streaming person, you can check out our presskit or request a key for our games on distribute(): Ossuary | The Majesty of Colors | Rosette Diceless | Exploit: Zero Day

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