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Ossuary Now in the Humble Store!

Ossuary: Paid in Salt

We're quite pleased to announce that Ossuary is now available for sale in the Humble Store. During its debut, Ossuary will be 30% off through June 5.

The Humble widget has served us well here on (despite the fact that I can't see stats outgoing clicks from the iframe; grr!), and we're honored to be included in the Humble Store as well as they continue to gain a foothold in the marketplace.

They give 10% of proceeds to charities like the EFF, World Land Trust, Child's Play (now further separated from Penny Arcade!), and charity: water which we're happy to partake in. (We are, however, less pleased with the support of the American Red Cross, which continues to discriminate against men who have had sex with other men. The lifetime deferral comes from the US Food & Drug Administration, but even the Red Cross advocates a one year deferral.)

Two percent to the Red Cross aside, we're crunk.

Pick up Ossuary for yourself (or a friend) on the Humble Store!

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