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Some Unredeemed Ossuary Keys Revoked

Due to unconfirmed reports of unpurchased IndieGameStand keys showing up on key reselling sites, we've revoked Steam keys which have not yet been redeemed from IndieGameStand and Desura, both sites that disappeared or changed hands without paying us money they owed.

Most people who bought the game should be totally unaffected, but here's a quick FAQ. If you run into any trouble, you can always write

I bought Ossuary, but not on IGS or Desura. Am I affected?
No. This shouldn't affect you at all.
I bought Ossuary from IGS or Desura, and redeemed my key to put it in my Steam library. What about me?
Ossuary should remain in your library. You shouldn't be affected.
I bought Ossuary from Desura but didn't redeem my Steam key. How do I access the game?
You should be able to download a DRM-free copy from your Desura library.
I bought Ossuary from IndieGameStand (or got it in IGS Elite) but didn't redeem my Steam key. How do I access the game?
Forward your email receipt to and we'll give you a key. If you got Ossuary through IGS Elite, please send us the receipt for the subscription period containing December 20, 2015.
I bought Ossuary from another site and my Steam key doesn't work. How do I access the game?
If you got Ossuary from a site other than Steam, Humble,, FireFlower, IndieGameStand, or Desura, your key was not legitimate and you'll have to purchase again. We know that's not a satisfying answer. We don't like it either.

If your question is still unanswered, feel free to write us at

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