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Making Money: A Meetup Talk

At a local game developer's meetup this week, we were asked to talk a little about our approach to making money. Some people in the group are hobbyists, some want to go full time, and some already are. They're an eclectic and often very technical group. The slides from our talk are over on Speaker Deck or below.

With the big caveat that FPG isn't profitable enough to pay salaries yet, we spoke on our approach as (currently) non-mobile developers. It's an angle we've come to over the course of business planning, budgeting, and quarterly roadmapping. This quarter is our first doing roadmapping that we connect tightly with our individual sprints — we'll see how it goes!

It was a short talk, but we thought it'd be interesting to share what we're trying with a broader audience as we learn a little about this "business" thing we're doing.

Even if you aren't an indie developer, Daniel Cook's "Minimum Sustainable Success" is a great look at a common problem in the industry: we indies often get too optimistic when a game breaks even.

Got any questions about our approach? Leave a comment and we'll answer as best we can.

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