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Exploit: Zero Day Update to 0.20.3

We've updated Exploit: Zero Day as part of our Alpha Two phase of development.

Changes in 0.20.2 and 0.20.3:

  • "Homecoming", the finale to Laurie Wu's story, has been released.
  • We fixed the ability to single-click nodes on mobile devices. (This is necessary to create a puzzle with a flip-flip node reversed.)
  • Upgraded our payment processor API to the latest version.

Here's one of the puzzles from "Homecoming" being solved in a gif:

A puzzle from the 'Homecoming' job being solved.

If you're seeing this but don't have Alpha access to the game yet, join the mailing list for a key when we send this month's newsletter. If you're a streamer, YouTuber, or member of the press, request keys from distribute().

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