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Ossuary Updated to 1.8.0

It's been a while since we've updated our morbid Discordian satire Ossuary, but there are some issues that have been nagging at us. We improved the introductory experience and made some additions and fixes to accessibility and usability.

For full details, check out the update news.

If you don't yet have a copy of Ossuary, don't fret! You can get it on our website, from, from Steam, and elsewhere! There are also a few sales coming up for the holidays, so don't feel that you have to sell body parts or your very soul to afford a copy right now.

If you have played Ossuary and liked it, we would very much appreciate it if you wrote a short review on Steam! The more reviews we have, the closer we are to being labeled "very positive" in their rating system. If you haven't gotten a copy yet, please add it to your wishlist.

This time of year is dark and cold and lonely. You needn't distract yourself with tinsel and false cheer. Wallow in it with us with Ossuary in the Place of Bones.

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