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"Internet All the Things" in Exploit: Zero Day

"Internet All the Things" in Exploit: Zero Day

"Headless Swarm" (the first paid story for Exploit: Zero Day) now has the fourth hacking job in the season, "Internet All the Things." In this job, find out what the two antagonists are up to by hacking someone's house.

We've also published two side jobs that you might get access to as you aggravate or placate the two parties. These jobs don't have puzzles, but provide insight into a few of the characters in the EZD saga. Those were really fun to write! One is from an antagonist introduced in "Headless Swarm"; the other is Chamunda, a long-time EZD character that's a loyal employee of Samsara Digital with a low opinion of hackers.

Two changes to the game itself went live, too:

  1. Messages in a job no longer need to be triggered by players clicking buttons, solving clusters, etc. They can just show up on a time delay, if we wish.
  2. We fixed an issue in which users received the wrong scryp award message.

Exploit: Zero Day is still in closed alpha, but buying "Headless Swarm" will get you instant access and each "Headless Swarm" job as it's released. You can instead join the mailing list and receive an access code to the free story in the next newsletter. YouTubers, streamers, and press, request a copy from distribute().

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