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An Update on Majesty of Colors

An Update on Majesty of Colors

We're still hard at work remastering The Majesty of Colors. It's taking longer than we'd hoped, especially with both of us working full-time jobs in addition to Future Proof work. Despite the delays, the game is shaping up nicely!

We've completed the basic framework of the game, including the tentacle control, water physics, and narration system. We've remastered the sounds from all-new samples in higher quality and with many of the effects done real-time instead of being baked into the files. We have several of the major scenes in place, including the fishing scene:

An animation from The Majesty of Colors of an undersea tentacle placing a fish in a sailboat.

As you can see if you look closely, there are still a few graphical glitches here and there, mostly related to how we're subsampling the art to get a blocky pixel look in a modern framework. We'll also be doing a general pass before release to tweak and polish things like tentacle movement and color schemes. Even with those caveats, the game is looking pretty darn good!

We'd like to give thanks again to everyone who helped us succeed in our Greenlight campaign and to all the folks who played Majesty and our other games over the years. You encourage us to keep moving forward.

We'll provide more news on Majesty as it develops!

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