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We #loveindies

This past week was a dedicated time to show that we in the indie community #loveindies. All over Twitter and Facebook, folks were doing three things:

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Rate, review, and recommend.

It was an absolute blast. We both gave things away from our own games, and recommended and reviewed games we love.

Our Giveaways

We participated in a bunch of ways, including giving away some Ossuary assets and the Narthex source code:

We made "The Majesty of Colors" free on iOS and Android for half the week to encourage folks to play and review the game. It was awesome to see folks' reviews.

The Exploit: Zero Day community got in-game currency, free access to a previously restricted short story, and extra friend codes to share with folks. We also uploaded some example Rosette Diceless character sheets from our actual sci-fi themed game.

For Indies We Love

We also wanted to show appreciation for the indies we love. There are only so many evenings in a week, but we did streams almost every night, and all but one of those games was played enough to be able to leave reviews on Steam and, which we hope will help the devs. The whole set of streams is up on our YouTube channel, or you can watch them here:

The six games were:

  1. Full Metal Furies by Cellar Door Games
  2. Black Closet by Hanako Games
  3. Particulars by SeeThrough Studios
  4. Sunset by Tale of Tales
  5. Omegaland by Jonas Kyratzes
  6. Sunless Skies by Failbetter Games

Some of these were games we'd bought a long time ago and never played, and many of them have far too few reviews on Steam. We enjoyed playing all of them and all of them are likely to get more play.

Our Games

Missed #loveindies week and still want to show some support? Leaving reviews for Ossuary and "(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors" on Steam really helps our visibility.

Signing up for the Exploit: Zero Day newsletter gets you access to the free stories in the game, as well as the ability to create and share your own puzzles. We'll be including codes to give to friends in upcoming newsletters—EZD isn't on a platform with a review system, so sharing access through codes while we're still in alpha is a great way to spread the word.

Rosette Diceless is coming out on Wednesday, July 25th! If you or people you know are interested in lightweight tabletop and live-action roleplaying systems, share the excerpt on

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