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Planning Story for Rosette Diceless

Planning Story for Rosette Diceless

We've been writing a series of supplementary materials for Rosette Diceless that go into detail on some optional or situational play scenarios. Our most recent piece is "Planning Rosette Story," and it gives a primer on how to prepare notes and materials to run Rosette plot.

Rosette story planning is much like preparing story for any tabletop or live-action roleplaying game, but the degree of player control and versatility of systems means that there are some particular challenges. This piece gives some basic guidelines of how to prepare for a session. It also includes a new Trait for players who want a peek at the Narrator's notes.

When you give your Adversary Skills, think about the broad range of situations and approaches your players could come up with. It can be helpful to think of what aspects of your Adversary you want to highlight, as these sorts of character descriptors can be more versatile and interesting than generic abilities. "Chilling" or "You Reap What You Sow" are Skills much more ripe for interpretation and drama than "Freeze Ray" and "Riposte."

To read the rest, see "Planning Rosette Story" on the Rosette site.

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