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Exploit: Zero Day - Crash Override

Exploit: Zero Day - Crash Override

We're pleased to announce that we've finished our Crash Override release of Exploit: Zero Day! This was a major step in resuming "Headless Swarm" development.

Per the roadmap, this was largely behind the scenes stuff, but here's the complete feature list:

  • A bug report link on all pages.
  • A more useful error when email validation fails.
  • Enabled the use of emoji in cluster/system titles and system messages, as well as a few other spots.
  • Fixed incorrect scryp totals on early players.
  • An editor for Jobs (currently internal use only).

Our next release will be "Cereal Killer", and will be more player-facing, and we'll be resuming creative work on "Headless Swarm".

If you don't yet have access to the game, sign up to the mailing list to get an alpha key that gives free access to both the free season of story and puzzle creation and sharing tools.

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