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Future Proof Podcast 016 - The Survey Edition

Future Proof Podcast 016 - The Survey Edition

Merry Chrimmus! Y'all know it's a special episode because I gave it a proper title. Listen to this month's episode below or read the transcript online.

This month's episode is special because we're joined by Dr. Lucy Arnold of Liminal Consulting. She designed the community survey that we ran this fall, and hopped into the podcast to talk about her initial reading of the results. You can find her over on Twitter or reach out to her via email.

We also talk about our efforts to help people ignore each other on our Exploit: Zero Day Discourse forums, including a plugin we wrote.

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Our intro/outro music is "Juparo" by Broke for Free licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Talk to us on Twitter, or on Facebook!

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