Rosette Diceless Companion Now Available

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Future Proof Podcast 025 - Enthralling Narrative

Future Proof Podcast 025 - Enthralling Narrative

This holiday of looove brings exciting news about the artist formerly known as the Rosette Diceless supplemental book! You can listen below or read the transcript.

Our topics this month include:

  1. Rosette Diceless Companion title and cover reveal
  2. Tabletop Garden and its upcoming campaign "The Great Molasses Flood"
  3. The Rosette Diceless Companion is now on
  4. The recent Ossuary update for a broken certificate and MacOS support. Hear more about how we do Mac development in our episode Future Proof Podcast 020 - Cinema verité.

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Our intro/outro music is "Juparo" by Broke for Free used with permission. Talk to us on Twitter, or on YouTube!

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