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Mac Support Ending in 2022

We've always valued releasing our games on as many platforms as we find feasible. In the past, that's included Mac and iOS, but supporting these platforms no longer makes sense for us. We don't use Macintosh computers for development, and they are far more expensive to operate than Windows and Linux machines.

Starting January 1, 2022, we will no longer support most of our Mac releases. If you've purchased a game to play on Mac, we'll do our best to make sure you'll still be able to download it. However, we don't plan to do any further updates, fixes, or enhancements to those versions. This also means we will stop advertising Mac support on store pages.

As far as we know, most Mac devices should continue to safely run our games for some time. However, we don't plan to do work to update the games for future devices. In some cases, such as our free, short, polyamorous visual novel "Ace Systems Go!", systems like Ren'Py allow us to make new Mac releases easily, but please do not have any expectations concerning support after 2021.

Regarding iOS, we intend to have "The Majesty of Colors" continue to be available on the App Store as long as devices support the current release and we feel comfortable that people can have confidence in its functionality.

Exploit: Zero Day and any other web-based games should remain unaffected by this shift, as for them we determine support on a browser-by-browser basis.

We'll keep updating this post with any FAQs we receive. Here are some that we anticipate:

Your games run fine on my Mac. Can I keep playing them?

Yes. We won't do anything to turn off support; we just won't put in work to support new MacOS versions or fix new issues that crop up.

Why is iOS affected by Mac support?

Apple requires you to have a MacOS computer to release software for iOS devices. Any ways to get around this requirement don't suit our needs.

If you have any questions about this change, please ask them in the comments or write

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