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Exploit: Zero Day - Update to 0.55.0

Exploit: Zero Day - Update to 0.55.0

We’ve updated Exploit: Zero Day to 0.55.0 as part of the “Razor” release. Changes include:

  • Clusters now have thumbnails! We think they're purdy.
  • The mute button is now placed correctly
  • "Return to System List" now goes to the list of other folks' systems

This is the first update in our “Razor” release and as you can see, we're hitting the ground running. Additional new features and tweaks are already in testing.

Exploit: Zero Day is available to play for free—play and create puzzles and clusters, and play our free season of story, “Black Echoes”.

If you encounter any issues with this release, please report them in the Bugs and Issues category on the forum or click the bug icon at the upper right of every page.

Also, if you want to get news about all our projects, you can get them in our Future Proof Newsletter.

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