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Exploit: Zero Day's "Acid Burn" Release Is Complete

Exploit: Zero Day's "Acid Burn" Release Is Complete

Exploit: Zero Day's "Acid Burn" alpha release is finished! It was a big one that included a slew of bug fixes and new features. These were deployed in small batches as we worked on "Headless Swarm" and the Rosette Diceless Companion. Here's a bit of what that included and what's coming next for EZD.

New Features

We added:

Animated gif of a puzzle solution
A replay of Melissa's solution to "A tricky little thing".
  • The ability to replay puzzle solutions and share those replays
  • The option to scale up puzzles to 150%, which is helpful for accessibility and touch devices
  • A listing of Featured Systems on the homepage
  • A way for folks to close their accounts
  • Design improvements around cluster and system listings and account avatars

Bug Fixes

Notable fixes included:

  • Adding a "verify email" button for new users so that email client link checkers didn't use up the one-time validation links
  • Cleaning up some issues with scryp awards from home clusters
  • Fixing up some long-standing "ghost" node issues

What's Next

We move now into the "Razor" alpha release phase. As before, this will roll out in small chunks. The scope may change a bit as we work, but we're keeping this fairly small, as we'll be moving into beta after "Razor" is complete.

"Razor" will probably include:

  • Cluster thumbnail images
  • A one-time-pass node in puzzles, which has been discussed on the forums a few times
  • Some further encouragement to create home clusters
  • Redesigns of the system page and the store
  • More fixes!

We're really looking forward to knocking this out. As "Headless Swarm" finishes, we're moving towards a smoother, more welcoming experience for both new and veteran players. If you want a refresher now on how to play, check out our Getting Started post. Stay tuned on the EZD forums, the newsletter, and the podcast to learn about our releases along the way.

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