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Future Proof Podcast 041 - Acting a Fool

Future Proof Podcast 041 - Acting a Fool

We're sighing out the overwhelming heat of summer and breathing in the more temperate air of autumn. You can listen to this month's episode below, read the transcript, or watch the video.

We talk about:

  1. The development status of Exploit: Zero Day's first paid season of story "Headless Swarm"
  2. The Before the Future Came debut! While Star Trek remains struck work, we're focusing on the values in broader utopian science fiction works.
  3. The ever-shifting situation with Unity's plans to charge developers on a per-install basis, which have since been walked back substantially. References:
    • The original Unity blog post outlining the ridiculous new policy
    • Kotaku's early reporting covers much of the industry's confusion and concerns
    • Unity's Sept 22 blog post partially walking this policy back answers some of the open questions
    • Andi's (@mcc) analysis of the costs of the Unreal Engine vs Unity contains a noteworthy graph
  4. "The Majesty of Colors" departure from the iOS App Store

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