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Code Name: Car Game

Screenshot from the Car Game

With Exploit: Zero Day in closed alpha, we’re hard at work on two other projects, LORE and an untitled game about a car’s adventures.

You play an adorable car that gains sentience and finds itself wanting to do things its owner does… like see a movie at a theater. It especially wants to do them with the lovely police motorcycle that comes around if you cause enough havoc. Driving is speedy, obstacles are many, and there are ramps.

We’re working hard on the demo now, which will let us build the fundamentals of all the moving parts involved for the full game. This game needs content, which means I personally am diving even deeper into the more artistic areas of game dev, including 3D modeling and music. I did the music and sound work for “Promenade" and am digging in again for the car game. I’d hoped to be able to leverage FMOD—hoped for several hours of struggles, alas—but we’re currently using the free edition of Unity, which doesn’t support any of the integration methods.

When I wrote about how GDC Next motivated me, I wrote that I was convinced to hire a composer/sound designer for an upcoming game. That will likely be this game, but for early-demo purposes, I get to hack it.

So we have this fun game idea, we have good headway on the demo, and we have solid ideas for levels in the full game.

The only problem is, we can’t think of a good name for it. We'd love ideas and suggestions!

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