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Ossuary on Steam May 27, 2015

Ossuary on Steam May 27, 2015

Our funny, philosophical, pixel-horror adventure game Ossuary will be released on Steam on May 27, 2015. It will be available on Windows and Mac OSX. You can visit its Steam store page, add it to your wishlist, and download the demo now.

Ossuary is a conversation-focused adventure game that explores Discordian philosophy in a creepy, satirical underworld.

Some key features of the game:

  • Use sins as inventory items in a world of corrupt virtue
  • Expose cabbages disguised as people
  • Over 32,000 words of dialogue; the equivalent of a novella of text
  • Puzzles and story that force you to understand an alien mindset
  • White-on-black pixel graphics with occasional splashes of red
  • Unsettling soundtrack and creepy visual effects

You can get Ossuary right now from our website and other storefronts. Everyone who owns Ossuary can get a Steam key when it becomes available.

For more information and media, visit our presskit. Press can get review copies by contacting us at or requesting a key on distribute().

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