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The State of Exploit: Zero Day

The State of Exploit: Zero Day

We launched the Alpha of Exploit: Zero Day on December 22, 2014, but we haven't posted a "state of the union" type of post since February.

In that time, we've gotten a lot done, including finishing the features that allow us to craft stories and releasing some early story content.

So what is Exploit: Zero Day?

It's a game about hacking corporations and governments that are being shady. It's about making decisions that take a stand on whether information should be free, how justice should be served, and how much power corporations should have.

It's also about solving awesome puzzles.

Alpha Zero to Alpha One

Since February, we've grown to have 143 players that aren't us (we have a variety of non-player character accounts), and to have over 180 puzzles for folks to play. We've also progressed from that first Alpha Zero release to Alpha One, which has included:

  • The first gameplay trailer (above)
  • Jobs, which are plot given from NPCs with choices that can influence the story
  • System drafts and versions
  • Mobile browser improvements for creating and playing systems
  • Important pages like our Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service
  • Cluster resizing (up to 7x7)
  • Cluster and system sharing via social networks
  • Building the Samsara Digital site into something more substantial
  • Significant pieces of the free story

What's Next?

Expect to see the following in the upcoming weeks:

  • The complete free storyline
  • Videos of us chatting about development and/or playing tricky systems/clusters
  • The ability to showcase your best systems and earn in-game currency when others solve them
  • Teasers about the first paid content

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