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Exploit: Zero Day Update to 0.24.0 - Ratings

We've updated Exploit: Zero Day as part of our Alpha Two phase of development.


  • Public systems and clusters may now be rated.
  • You can rate systems you have solved, and clusters you've beaten. If a cluster has no core system, you must solve every system in the cluster.
  • You can rate things in three categories: Clever, Challenging, and Creative. You can't upvote something in all three; you must pick two categories at most.
  • In addition to the ratings showing on system and cluster pages, there are new system and cluster list views that are sorted by ratings in each category. Access them from the "System" and "Cluster" nav links.

If you're seeing this but don't have Alpha access to the game yet, join the mailing list for a key when we send this month's newsletter. If you're a streamer, YouTuber, or member of the press, request keys from distribute().

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