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Exploit: Zero Day Update to 0.24.4

Exploit: Zero Day Update to 0.24.4

We've updated Exploit: Zero Day as part of our Alpha Two phase of development. A lot of these are improvements we devised from watching people play EZD at the East Coast Game Conference a couple of weeks ago.


  • Login links will redirect back to the page the player was on (except the homepage).
  • The "eye" to hide the pre- and post-message on system pages is larger.
  • Across the site, normal body links have hover/visited styling.
  • The Jobs list and individual job pages now show job summaries and link to profile pages.
  • Emails will be sent when friendship is requested.
  • The list of clusters from finished jobs is now sorted by date.
  • Fixed z-index issue that led to creator names not being clickable on some systems/clusters.
  • Fixed rating pills on systems sometimes linking to cluster lists.
  • Resolved Django 1.10 deprecations.
  • Monthly update of python packages.

If you're seeing this but don't have Alpha access to the game yet, join the mailing list for a key when we send this month's newsletter. If you're a streamer, YouTuber, or member of the press, request keys from distribute().

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