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Fall/Thanksgiving 2018 Sales

Fall/Thanksgiving 2018 Sales

American Thanksgiving and Black Friday are upon us. It can be a little difficult to figure out what's on sale where, so we're providing a per-storefront summary. All our video games come with Steam keys, even if if you aren't purchasing directly on Steam, and all discounts are 60% off. - Black Friday Not-Sale's Black Friday Not-Sale is, as you'd expect, happening on Black Friday (November 23). They're donating all of the portion of payments to the Trevor Project and The Nature Conservancy.

Our games won't be discounted there ("not-sale"), but we're increasing our revenue share to to support these causes.

Games you can buy there (DRM-free):

Humble Fall Sale

Their fall sale is running until November 27. The Humble widget—and later the store—was one of the first places we released Ossuary, and we're still fond of that crew of cool and helpful folks.

Games you can buy there (DRM-free):

Steam Autumn Sale

Autumn, schmautumn. Steam's sale also runs until November 27. Games here aren't DRM-free, if that's important to you.

Games you can buy there:

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