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Ace Systems Go! Released

Ace Systems Go! Released

Our Ace Jam 2019 game, "Ace Systems Go!" is now available on for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

It's tricky piloting a delivery ship for Caudacious, an... unsanctioned personitarian group dedicated to filling in gaps where "official" help organizations can't get in fast enough.

Fortunately, your family backs you up. Your partners, also Caudacious members, are mostly allosexual, but you trust them to take care of their own needs. Sometimes you're even interested in helping out with that.

Prep for the mission at hand, but don't neglect your own needs in the process.

We talked in our recent podcast episodes about wanting to do some game jams this year, and then stumbling onto this one in particular (episode 008 includes some of our very punny name options). Jams let us do small, off-the-wall projects that explore singular themes in a very focused way without a ton of pressure for the game to be amazing or commercially viable. We also want the opportunity to learn new tech and techniques without spinning up the organizational machine that a larger-scale game requires.

Also, Melissa is ace, and both of us are relationship anarchists. This jam was an awesome opportunity to explore those ideas without feeling a need to wrap them in a larger game with more complex mechanics. Asexuality is a descriptor of sexual orientation and attraction, not of romantic orientation, libido, relationship orientation (e.g., monogamous, polyamorous), or even sexual behavior.

We hope that we've explored some of those nuances and experiences in a fun way in "Ace Systems Go!" Let us know what you think.

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