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Exploit: Zero Day - Cereal Killer

Exploit: Zero Day - Cereal Killer

We're happy to announce the completion of another Exploit: Zero Day named release. Implementation on "Cereal Killer" is done!

"Cereal Killer" contained some user-facing fixes as well as some stuff behind-the-scenes. The changelist includes:

  • The addition of clusters to account pages
  • Better emails and the option to subscribe to our mailing list at account signup
  • A whole lot of front-end bug fixes
  • A bunch of improvements to our internal job editor

The job editor has been great, and has allowed us to finish the next job for "Headless Swarm:" "burn burn burn." That job has not yet been opened up to players, as we want to build up a backlog to allow for more regular releases. We've also started work on the job "Remote Terminal," which involves an airport held hostage by the hijacked drones of OnyxHorde.

Our next named release will be "The Plague," and it will focus a great deal on social features, including the ability for us to easily isolate problem users and enhancements to home clusters and their rewards. Once we finish that, our next order of business will be moving to an open alpha, with no invite keys required! We'll keep working on "Headless Swarm" the whole time, and hope to maintain momentum on those jobs.

If you'd like to have more frequent updates on how EZD development is going, sign up to the mailing list and also receive an alpha key that gives free access to both the free season of story and puzzle creation and sharing tools.

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