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Cultivating Insurgency 1.0.0 Released!

Cultivating Insurgency 1.0.0 Released!

It ended up taking longer than we expected, but we've just released the first version of "Cultivating Insurgency"! It's free to download for PC, Mac, and Linux.

"Cultivating Insurgency" is a little run-based, turn-based strategy game we started for LOWREZJAM 2019 where you play guerrilla gardeners fighting cops in a near-future food desert. This initial version captures the central game loop we were interested in exploring: You play a few levels, modify the world to grow more food, and then restart the game with more resources to progress a bit further the next time.

We've got plenty more ideas that we'd enjoy exploring, but we're going to let this version of the game sit for a bit while we catch up on other projects, including Exploit: Zero Day. We do like the idea of expanding the game with more units, levels, and mechanics, though... and that's more likely to happen if we see that people are interested.

So please give us comments here or on the page for the game. Share it with your friends if you think they'd enjoy a weird, simple little strategy game about reclaiming unused land!

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