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LOWREZJAM 2019 - Cultivating Insurgency WIP

LOWREZJAM 2019 - Cultivating Insurgency WIP

We're in the middle of taking part in LOWREZJAM 2019, a fun game jam where all the projects have to be at a resolution of 64x64 or less. That's a wildly small resolution; if you don't scale it up, it ends up looking this small:

a 64x64 screenshot of our work in progress

As you can see, that makes a lot of the challenge for the jam figuring out how to make a game playable with so few pixels!

Our work in progress is called "Cultivating Insurgency": it's a game about guerrilla gardening in a near-future food desert. You'll be vying against cops and landowners in turn-based conflicts where they're armed with tazers and tear gas and you're armed with shovels and seed/manure bombs. It was inspired by some game ideas we had on our idea board as well as some of the jam's optional themes: "Transformation", "Feed the world", and "Aftermath".

It'll end up being real simple; we're not working all-out full-time on the project, so it's getting done alongside our other work. We're also using this as an opportunity to try out Godot, a FOSS game creation system that's like an open-source Unity. It's got a bit of a steep learning curve and some of the interface challenges one expects from that sort of project, but it's impressively feature-rich and is getting more polished by the month.

We hope to end up with something good enough to submit by the end of the jam!

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