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Exploit: Zero Day Open and Free To Play

Exploit: Zero Day is now available as a free, open alpha to anyone who registers at Our web game with living story about social justice hacktivism comes with a season of free story for everyone, as well as the ability to make and share puzzles that represent servers to hack. Players join the hacktivist group ZeroDay, investigate present-day corporate overreach, uncover injustices, and make tricky ethical choices about how to deal with problems.

When you register for EZD, you'll be introduced to the game's cast of characters, each of whom can be DMed on the game forums for additional roleplaying. Some are associated with the justice-seeking ZeroDay hacker group, while others are employees of the sinister corporation Samsara Digital.

You'll be able to play "Black Echoes," our season of free story about identity and corrupt power, as well as make and share unlimited puzzle clusters with story you write. One cluster can be showcased as your home cluster if you have enough "scryp" to pay for it; solving other players' home clusters or having them solve your own will earn you more scryp to make your home cluster more and more elaborate!

If you want more Exploit: Zero Day, you can buy "Headless Swarm", our ongoing prelude season. Team up with Kilroy-sama to investigate OnyxHorde, a black-hat hacker group that is taking control of consumer drones for an unknown purpose.

To check out Exploit: Zero Day for free, register at! It's developed by Future Proof Games, creators of Ossuary, "The Majesty of Colors Remastered", and Rosette Diceless. For more information on us and our projects, check out our presskit.

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